Hope Can Return

by Musicians For Haiti

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Dear reader

I write this on June 12th, precisely five months after disaster struck Haiti. The media direct the senses of the world to what is new and have moved on to concentrate on other events.

Meanwhile, In Haiti, the problems are still there to be solved, and the rebuilding continues, fuelled by the adrenaline of ongoing need. You and Musicians for Haiti are still here to reaffirm our support of Haitians; however, our fuel is the adrenaline of ongoing Awareness.

In the early days of responding to the disaster, the Launch of Assistance had the pristine power of a new ship leaving dock for the first time amidst cheering and brass bands. These days are quieter days, in which the work is without glamour, and rather than brassbands and massed choirs, the image is more that of the candle ever lit in the cottage window. That inextinguishable light, that continual gentle nudge which keeps the home fire burning in people’s hearts, long after the front page is filled with other things.

As we continue to contribute music, we are this candle.
As you listen to and share this message, you are this candle.
Eventually, those who need it most, shall receive its warmth.

Dear friend and colleague, Robin Heuristic honours this anniversary with his instrumental reminder that Hope Can Return

Thank you and best wishes from all of us at www.haiti.bandcamp.com
Glyn Powell


released June 12, 2010
Composed, played and recorded by Robin Heuristic



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